4x boxes set of Colour Pencil OBN Mr Bean
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Product SKU VMBN040047
Brand O'BON
Size (L x W x H) 190 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
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1) 4 boxes set of Mr Bean Colour Pencil

O’BON has  produced incredibly interesting eco colored pencils.  In this box of 12, you will find each pencil has Mr Bean's character and this skin matches the color of the pencil. The colors are vibrant and the skin makes these colored pencils just short of amazing.

We have many children who just look an look at the skin designs and smile.  Instead of just having red, black, blue pencils as most pencil makers, O’BON is “something different.”

Your kids will love these pencils.  Oh, don’t forget, these pencils are made out of old newspapers…100% recycled.  And, the added advantages of our pencils is that when dropped, the delicate inside color will not break or crack.  This makes our pencils superior.

The high digital quality of the print is just amazing as you can see the fine fruits picture  on the pencil.  

Looks real as the graphic print on the newspaper pencil is stunning.

We want customers to appreciate the beauty of this majestic colours, and appreciate how we all need to try our best to protect it.