O'BON Wildlife 2B Pencils 10's
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Product SKU Wildlife 2B Pencils 10's
Brand O'BON
Size (L x W x H) 175 cm x 37 cm x 37 cm
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O’BON is a brand with a unique advantage. Beginning with its pencils, the O’BON name takes the lead in safe, environmentally-friendly products that are exciting and innovative.

Each pencil is made from old newspaper using a patented roll-on method that ensures the lead in the pencil does not break easily. Its quality is proven to last two to three times longer than ordinary wooden pencils. No forest was destroyed to create an O’BON pencil.

Far from looking ordinary and dull, O’BON pencils are attractively designed, packaged and displayed, appealing to the fashion sense and imagination of the modern generation.




  • Features vivid and realistic wildlife prints.
  • Ten (10) different animals are represented, one by each pencil.
  • The bright exterior, capped end and glossy, non-toxic finish offer a quality look and smooth feel.
  • Our premium 2B graphite provides a soft and rich writing experience.