Calendar 2024 - An Admiration for Deserts
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An Admiration for Deserts


In the heart of 2024, a unique calendar comes to life, celebrating the stark beauty of deserts through the lens of Michal Sikorski's breathtaking and captivating photographs with images that capture the surface's apparent lifelessness but hidden secrets of resilience within.


With each passing month, a fresh desert tableau materialized, showcasing Michal's masterful photography and serving as an ode to life's tenacity in the harshest realms: The calendar whispers an unspoken truth beneath the barren veneer, vitality always persisted, mirroring the indomitable human spirit.


As the year unfolds and you turn its pages, you will find yourself immersed in a profound metaphor. You discover that, like the desert, existence had a remarkable capacity to thrive amidst adversity. The calendar depicts a symbol of unexpected miracles, reminding you that hope could blossom even in the bleakest landscapes of your journey.


As you delve into its entrancing imagery, you will be gently awakened to the idea that life's most profound beauty often grows from the depths of the most challenging circumstances, echoing the wonders of the world's deserts.



  • 253mm x 220mm
  • 240 gsm
  • Premium Card
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