Cucuk Sanggul Blissful Pouch
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Size (L x W x H) 90 mm x 170 mm x 5 mm
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Inspired by the legendary heroines of Malaysian folklore, we reminisce their charm, beauty and feminine liberty with immaculate motifs from traditional hairpins affectionately known as “Cucuk Sanggul”.


Vibrantly portrayed flowers represent the heroines’ intrinsic beauty that is as diverse as their legendary exploits and triumphs over adversity. It is this very beauty that has captivated us to this day. The intricate details embody their incredible feats and achievements, all of which remain highly revered by the young and old. Complemented with gold ornaments inspired by local floral elements, representing the golden era of heroines from a distant past.


Cik Siti Wan Kembang: Her brave exploits and subsequent ascendence to the throne as Queen has emboldened women’s empowerment and dominance at the time – a moving force that is still very much ingrained in modern day Kelantanese culture.


Tun Teja: Having a kind and gentle spirit, this princess embodies the ideal Malay woman. Revered by many for her benevolence and devotion towards her husband, she is the ultimate symbol of loyalty.


Tun Fatimah: Known for her shrewdness and strength. She possesses the fortitude of a warrior with her ensuing rise to be the Queen regnant of the Malacca Sultanate era threaded on treachery paths and injustice against her family.


Puteri Gunung Ledang: While her beauty captivated many, her strength lies in her intelligence and subtle demeanour. Her devotion to her loved one has led her to become one of the most revered folklore legends.


Complete with a gold ornament inspired by the flowers of a sanggul, representing the golden age of local heroines of the distant past.


Elegant and classy, the full set comes packaged together with a sanggul clip, concluding the series as a whole that pays homage to the sacrifices of great heroines of the past.


  • 157 Art Paper, matt lamination with 3D gold foil
  • 8 packets per set
  • 90mm x 170mm


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