We started with the simple idea of creating something that we can call our own and share it with everyone. As with many things nowadays, it is all about social interaction. Our focus is on promoting responsible principled thoughts and lifestyles, using our products as the creative medium. We hope that our creations will eventually form the voice of many.


We see it as a challenge to create products that expresses ones vibrant individualistic outlook while inspiring group sharing and cohesiveness. In time, we hope to create a versatile participative social environment where expressive ideas flow freely in the form of creative designs that all who care, would want to be a part of. Hence VIVE in short.


That's how we feel life itself should be, a culmination of ideals from all over. In turn, promoting mutual respect with the aim to better the world we are all a part of and share.


Why VIVE ? 

Vive in French, Viva in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and Vivat in Latin and Romanian are subjunctive forms of the verb "to live". They literally mean, "live!" (imperative form), and are usually translated to English as "long live". - Wikipedia


We like it as 'Veev'. Any way you pronounce it, we hope it will mean something special to you and inspire you to live your life to your heart's content.