Our stationery is a canvas of your memories, a conduit of your emotions, and a vessel for your dreams.


Our Story


Woven from the threads of love, family bonding and cherished moments from journeys through life. At VIVE, we believe that the most profound memories are inked in the heart.


From the earlier days of her youth, our founder watched in awe as her mother, a clothing shop owner and seamstress, tirelessly worked to provide for her family. She sewed not only fabric but also hope and ambition, stitching a path towards a brighter tomorrow for her children. It was from those moments that the seeds of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence were sown deep within our founder’s heart.


An accountant by profession, our founder later married into a family of book printers and was introduced to the arts and craftsmanship of books and fine stationery. Years progressed, being a mother and seeing her children, with their innocent love for drawing and handwritten letters they penned during fleeting morning moments, etched the fondest memories in her heart. These heartfelt notes speak volume about the enduring power of connection and the magic of these written words, often providing solace and sense of affection and belonging.



All those profound moments never ceased to captivate her hearts and soul, would soon then influence our founder to create her own line of memoirs which was to become the cornerstone for VIVE - Vibrant, Inspiring, Versatile and Expressive collection of stationery, redefines the essence of paper and transforming it into a heartfelt canvas of treasured memories, a highly prized keepsake as the years go by.