Vive Journal Design Contest 2020

Journal Design Contest 2020

Vive has led the way forward in carrying the flag of local stationery design and production companies since 2009. We started with the simple idea of creating artisan stationery products that we can call our own and share it with everyone. Our focus is on promoting responsible principled thoughts and lifestyles, using our products as the creative medium.


Right from the beginning, our design ideas have always focused on simplicity, versatility, functionality and utility. We are constantly creating designs that are inspired by the ideal world that can transcend the test of time. There were many instances when we encountered challenges during the thought processes in the quest to create great stationery.


With that in mind, we have identified that collaboration with like-minded and upcoming designers could pave the way to a world of outstanding creativity and creations. Come join us on this adventurous journey!



The Task:

  • Create a design that reflects VIVE’s unique theme (Vibrant, Inspire, Versatile, Expressive).
  • Design an A5 journal or a series of A5 journals (can be 1 book, 2 books or 4 books in a series) based on the given template.
  • You will need to design the cover as well as inside pages. Each book comprises 112 pages, derived from 16 pages per section. Please visit to get your template.



Judging criteria:

  1. Originality of the design concept. 
  2. Functionality  





1 X Wacom Medium (CTL-672) Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet, 1 X set of journals designed by you, 1 X AzePrint Student Premium Membership worth RM300

1st Runner Up:

1 X Wacom Small (CTL-472) Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet, 1 X set of journals designed by you, 1 X AzePrint Student Premium Membership worth RM300

2nd Runner Up:

1 X set of set of journals designed by you, 1 X Creative Haven personalized journal, 1 X AzePrint Student Premium Membership worth RM300

10 X Consolation:

1x AzePrint Student Basic Membership worth RM150




Submission period: 1st Aug 2020 12.00am until 15th Oct 11.59pm.

Results announcement: 31st Oct 2020



How to participate:

  1. Designs can be in digital form or in actual draw on paper (analog) from.
  2. All submission must be in PDF format only
  3. For the actual drawn on paper form designs, submission must be clearly scanned in 300dpi and printable.
  4. Sizes of the Planner/Journal book are fixed to A5.
  5. This is an open contest for all Diploma and Degree level Graphic Design students from year one onwards to graduates, and graduates with working experience of less than one year.


Submission Procedure:

  1. Submission of entries is electronic via the competition email.
  2. The submission period goes between the 1st Aug 2020 12.00 am until 15th Oct 2020 11.59 pm.
  3. Submission after the period will be disqualified.
  4. Participants are required to send via email to a copy of the file as an attachment.
  5. Please indicate “file name” on the subject of the email
  6. A name of the file has to be a combination of 3 capital letters and 3 numbers in any given order. Example: 7Z9D6P or 764XFR.
  7. Files will be renamed after submission and members of the jury will only see the panels
  8. In the email the following data has to be provided:
  • Full name.
  • A telephone contact number.
  • An email address.
  • University that you are studying in
  • After the uploading of the file the entry will be confirmed
  • No previous registration is needed in order to submit.
  • Confirmation may take time in relation to the number of submissions.


Submission requirements:

  1. All artwork must be in pdf format in 300dpi CMYK.
  2. Participants are required to only upload one zip file per entry, the zip file will contain cover, inside text page file and an explanatory text. Make sure all link files are embedded and fonts are outlined. Incomplete files will not be treated as an entry.
  3. All entries must include an inspiration and explanatory text of not more than 300 words in Arial font size 11.
  4. Additional text can be added as titles or references when needed or as complement of any graphic.


Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  1. All entries are FREE
  2. The contest is organised by Sdn Bhd, herein referred to as Vive.
  3. This design contest is a one-stage only Open design contest.
  4. Any Malaysian as well as international students who are studying in Malaysian colleges and/or universities are all welcome to submit their ideas.
  5. You only have to be 18 years old or more at the moment of the publication of these rules.
  6. There are NO limitations to how many submissions allowed. Each contestant can submit as many entries as he/she is capable of.
  7. The competition will be conducted electronically via the internet. Submission is via online direct to only.
  8. We will only accept entries submitted using .pdf only.
  9. The official language medium is English
  10. All contestants will remain anonymous to only Vive. Vive will take all precautions to protect all personal information collected under the prevailing Personal Information Protection Act.
  11. NO family members or immediate relatives of the jury, organisers of the competition, staff related to Vive can take part in the competition.
  12. Contestants should take their own precautions and measures for protecting their ideas.
  13. Vive is not liable nor responsible for any problems related to copyright infringement by any of the participants. Contestants should also ensure originality of work submitted and hereby agrees to fully indemnify Vive against any or all infringements of any kind.
  14. By participation through artwork submission and in consideration for eligibility of the winner’s prizes offered, all contestants hereby agree wholeheartedly that all submitted artwork will be the property of Vive
  15. Vive is deemed to reserve all legal rights and properties associated with all the submitted artwork from this contest.
  16. Vive has the right to utilise or produce all and any submitted design (awarded or not) in any form without any clear written contract and/or permission from the creator/s.
  17. Contestants hereby agree that their designs or ideas if selected may be displayed on Vive’s website and related social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and etc.
  18. Vive is NOT obliged to produce any of the winning entries or any other entry.


Non conformation and Disqualification: 

The following submissions are deemed non-conforming and will be disqualified:  

  1. This final target audience for this contest will eventually be for the general public, thus all submission needs to be clean cut and non-controversial.
  2. All artwork must not have depictions or hints of any form of goriness, profanity or sexual connotation of any kind.
  3. Submissions that fail to present a design proposal that comes with an explanatory text will not be accepted.
  4. Entries that contain references to websites, links, or may give any hint of the author(s) or any other information that is not needed for the understanding of the project will not be entertained.


Contest Template

Cover template is in A3 size, page template is in A4 size

Download Cover Template Here → Cover Template PDF

Download Cover Page Here → Page Template PDF