We started with the simple idea of creating something that we can call our own and share it with everyone.
Gift Wrappers Radiant Malaysia
This book comes complete with 12 sheets of eccentric designs printed on luxe woodfree paper that foldout to 654mm x 480 mm. Just tear the wrappers along the perforations and unfold them, it's ever ready to wrap on a gift.
Modern Brush Calligraphy
Learn it at your own pace with our simplified guide. Bring this 124 pages Practice Pad that is bundled with various easy-to follow tips and trick back, you can learn and practice easily anywhere and anytime.

Minimal Blue Notepad
Simple pad for all tasks and occasions. Helpful in keeping all tasks and things in order.
"Perfection is a state of mind. You define the frontiers of your tomorrow. Your mind is a wilderness that can achieve a multitude of possibilities!"

Red signifies passion and the ideation of great potential. Black represents the stark reality of life. Together they create soft synergy of yin and yang, reminding us the life is perfectly imperfect - hence there is always room for growth and wisdom.